The Death of Neighborhood Schools?

We need an entirely different approach to where we locate schools and how we build them. Our current model – notably in small and mid-sized towns – is that of the destruction of our neighborhood schools in favor of the suburban campus model. The campus model is a burden on our system: built on an inhuman scale, unwalkable by design, with […]

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How much is a garage worth?

So, let’s assume you wanted to buy a single family home in a historic and fairly walkable neighborhood (say, around a Walkscore of 65). Question: How much is a garage worth? I looked a “comparables” in the following: The price of a “starter home” in the neighborhood. That being, the lowest valued homes. The size […]

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Best Buy HQ: The Scale

Here’s Best Buy’s corporate HQ in Richfield, Minnesota [Google Maps]. It’s a big place that takes up an entire suburban mega block at the corner of two interstates (I-35 and I-494). Eminent Domain was used to capture this spot. i’m not going to touch this topic because it’s been covered many times over (here: you can […]

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