The Fight for Pedestrian Safety

Getting even a modest pedestrian improvements can be an uphill battle. We have a design bias and process that is inherently unfriendly to pedestrians and bicycles. While we’ve made great strides in the last decade, it’s still a constant (and frustrating) battle. Take a recent incident in Minneapolis as an example; a simple concrete median that protects pedestrians and bicycles is about […]

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Minneapolis: An Urban Transformation?

Minneapolis has undergone a tremendous amount of urban growth in the past seven years. And, for all the complaints constructive-criticism that we, at, have provided, it should be noted that Minneapolis has truly transformed into a better, more dynamic urban place. Google Streetview has opened up its archives (dating back to 2007 in the Twin […]

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Value of Closing a Street? 31 Percent.

We need to move beyond Open Streets. Open Streets closes down auto-oriented streets in Minneapolis and St. Paul along major corridors and opens them up to pedestrians, cyclists, strollers and skaters. The transformation is astonishingly beautiful. But, when the streets turn back into uninhabitable congested roadway the following day I’m left asking myself “What’s the point?” […]

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Reconsidering the Nicollet Mall Redesign

There is a $20 million sum of state money that may be dedicated to redesign Nicollet Mall. While $20 million could bring some impressive changes to the pedestrian mall, these funds would represent an unfortunate misapplication of limited resources. We need to reconnect Nicollet Avenue- not re-design Nicollet Mall. Nicollet Mall, the nation’s first pedestrian transit way, […]

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