A Suburban Engagement (Photoshoot)

Engagement photos are either urban or rural. They are either a former factory or a leafy meadow, the brick wall of a forgotten factory or an empty beach. Never the subdivision. Never the cul-de-sac.

We wanted to capture the ambiance of the American subdivision.



*Real engagement photos coming soon.


14 thoughts on “A Suburban Engagement (Photoshoot)

    1. We originally did two locations: urban and rural. Then we were like, “this is so stereotypical. nobody doesn’t suburban” … 15 minutes later we had three good-enough shots.

  1. These are amazing! Beauty and intimacy in a hellscape. It looks like a set from The Walking Dead.

  2. As a total commitment and to capture the full ambiance of the experience shouldn’t their individual cars also be in the photo shoot?

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