Mankato’s New School: A Visualization

Here is the size of the site:


Here is Mankato West and East both fitting inside the site (including their playing fields).

two schools

Here is 85% of the Minnesota State University – Mankato Campus fitting inside the site (with some room left over):


Here is Target Field four times over …

target field 1

Now – Here are some alternatives for Mankato East’s expansion:


Anyone who tells you that the large site is required, please remind them that the law requiring open space was changed in 2009 and is not mandated by State standards. Instead, it is locally controlled. Meaning, if there are any requirements dictating open space, they can be easily changed at the local level.

Let’s stop and reevaluate. Let’s assess what’s really important in our community. Building an over-sized school on over-sized road on an over-sized parcel strikes me as irresponsible. We need to return to a neighborhood model. We need to find the locations that don’t need a Safe Routes to School grants and build there. The places we are collectively building are places that our children hate. They’re inhuman, disregard our existing neighborhoods, cost us more money and unnecessarily burden parents.

Also – don’t forget to read Tim Krohn’s two Mankato Free Press Columns on the issue:

1. A Voice for Small Schools:

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