St. Paul is the place to be

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I didn’t know this, but according to a source [read: reader “Squeezeme”], the City of St. Paul orchestrated the receiving of public funds to build low-income, affordable housing in downtown to boost the total number of loyal Democratic voters. Also, apparently it is scary at night (not really) and tons of drug users (if you classify beer as a drug, then yes) …

Downtown St. Paul is scary, especially at night. Think along the lines of Chicago housing projects. Every summer the police conduct drug stings where they arrest 100 or more drug dealers in the span of a few days. St. Paul has been building “low income” housing downtown to encourage more loyal Democrat voters to move in. Half or more of all the development in St. Paul the past decade has been government subsidized. The building is government-subsidized, half the people living in St. Paul are government-subsidized. I guess taking money from other people and spending it on yourself is what some people call growth. – Squeezeme [Link]