It’d Take Up Mostly All of Downtown #Bemidji

The Sanford Center (as discussed here and here) is a $75 million convention center in Bemidji, Minnesota. As it turns out, it’s about the same size as downtown (minus a few blocks). And, this doesn’t include the “green space” next to the site. The parking lot is 10 blocks large (as displayed here). Financing of the project aside, we need to scale down the size of our developments – especially those in small towns.

What is more productive? Downtown or the new convention center? One produces revenue while the other must be subsidized? What type of development should we be encouraging?


One thought on “It’d Take Up Mostly All of Downtown #Bemidji

  1. I believe most wanted it built downtown. The city council decided against this in an effort to develop a plot of land that had long been vacated. The overpaid for the land and now aren’t willing to lower the prices on lots because they’re trying to make back what they paid for it. That parking lot is just an awful gateway to the city.

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