This isn’t an annexation. It’s a bailout.

This story is not unique: a mid-sized Midwestern town is preparing to adopt a 50-year-old neighborhood. If you read between the lines, news of annexation often times read as case studies against low-density suburban development. This article from Mankato demonstrates (unintentionally) why these types of subdivisions can be so problematic. All quotes related to the annexation were taken from […]

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The Fight for Pedestrian Safety

Getting even a modest pedestrian improvements can be an uphill battle. We have a design bias and process that is inherently unfriendly to pedestrians and bicycles. While we’ve made great strides in the last decade, it’s still a constant (and frustrating) battle. Take a recent incident in Minneapolis as an example; a simple concrete median that protects pedestrians and bicycles is about […]

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Davanni’s: To be young again

Available on the Star Tribune! Here.   The Twin Cities pizza chain Davanni’s is celebrating its 40th birthday with a face lift. It wants to be young again and recapture its original glory as the neighborhood pizza joint. In a recent article, the Star Tribune reported that many young Millennials do not associate Davanni’s with their local neighborhood businesses, but rather […]

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Minneapolis: An Urban Transformation?

Minneapolis has undergone a tremendous amount of urban growth in the past seven years. And, for all the complaints constructive-criticism that we, at, have provided, it should be noted that Minneapolis has truly transformed into a better, more dynamic urban place. Google Streetview has opened up its archives (dating back to 2007 in the Twin […]

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